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Automatic connections

Browse for a desirable deal, request to connect and once your request has been approved by a partner the tag will be generated immediately. The only thing you need to do is to map demand or supply.

Transparent deals

We provide a completely fair way to trade as you will see all details of a deal and a partner you are dealing with. Moreover, we disclose all deals available on Adtelligent Marketplace to make our exchange fully transparent.

Clearhouse payment system

We want to take all the headache from you and pass it to the AdTrader. A clearinghouse of payments will allow the transactions between the partners to be done within the AdTrader .

Adtelligent marketplace

Your consumers have never been so close

State-of-art technology

Advanced targeting, scale and flexibility

Exclusive supply partners

More than 100 integrated supply-side platforms

Simple integrations

Native integration with Adtelligent SSP for you to manage both supply and demand in one place

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